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High level B2B requires much more than traditional "one off" Lead Gen campaigns. Social networking and information overload have presented Marketers with unprecedented challenges to "break through the clutter" and "be heard above the noise".



We partner with clients who focus on High Level Decision Makers and offer high value, information intensive, solutions. This is the primary reason most of our client references praise the value we provide in the form of access to High Level Decision Makers.



We've pioneered cutting edge B2B Pre-Sales Marketing for over two decades. In our profession, leadership is the lifeblood of existence and that's probably the best explanation for our long list of world class clients.



  • Targeting High Level Decision Makers
  • Research
  • Relationship
  • Rewards
  • Recommendation – Don’t Try This at Home



Closed Loop Interactive Marketing to Business. Our CLIMB® process integrates “one off” marketing tactics like direct mail, e-marketing, telemarketing & web based content distribution into a dynamic, measurable, closed loop process.


They Have a Positive Interface with Our Sales Team...

"We’ve been particularly satisfied with the high participation and response rates that GENERATE’s multi-touch, interactive CLIMB process has provided.

The combination of proactive database updates, disciplined, precisely timed and integrated tactics, and focus on substantive information exchange to the benefit of both Symantec and our prospects and customers, are extremely effective.

They also have a positive interface with our Sales team who are some of the best and toughest in the business."

- Sr. Marketing Manager

"Excellent. Good work."

- Global Account Executive
On Pre-Sales Productivity...

"GENERATE’s Relationship & Opportunity Development process has enabled us to significantly increase our Pre-Sales productivity."

- Vice President, Center of Expertise
Progressive Productivity Yields Deeper Relationships and Higher Level Penetration...

"GENERATE has simplified a complex process developed over many years that they’ve customized for us – literally to each program within each industry. Their concept of Progressive Productivity™ where the relationship development process is upgraded daily to enhance results is extremely effective. They keep tight control on the communication process with prospects and customers as it creates opportunities for new touch points, deeper relationships and higher level account penetration."

- Director of Marketing
Engagement of GENERATE’s CEO and Founder to Consult, Analyze and Recommend...

"Subsequent to GENERATE’s initial engagement with IBM, other members of the global and domestic management team engaged GENERATE’s founder and current CEO, Ron Mickwee to consult, analyze, and recommend solutions for IBM’s internal direct marketing efforts."

- Vice President Global Operations

Ongoing In Depth Pre-Sale Relationships...

"Quickly changing technologies mean that our software products are in constant state of development and change. The role of direct marketing goes beyond simple lead generation, it is a way for us to build a relationship with prospects.

Accountability, a current and highly qualified database, and high value appointments with key targeted prospects were delivered along with in-depth reporting and decision maker profiles."

- Vice President Marketing
Robust Account Profiles & Market Intelligence...

"I amazed at GENERATE’s ability to get people to talk to us and to provide us with all the advance information. The detailed profile information that we get in advance of these meetings is invaluable. We’re starting to build a "Knowledge Library" of companies because in their interview process GENERATE somehow obtains a lot of information from the client about their initiatives and their problems and what keeps them up at night. Obviously that helps any sales strategy. It goes much beyond the information that somebody’s dragged off the Internet."

- Vice President, Center of Expertise
Impressive Launch in Europe...

"Following the North American launch, GENERATE partnered with us to kick off the CLIMB® process in Europe. It’s easy to see why their client base has been so impressive over the past years."

- Sr. Vice President, Global Marketing
Internal Resource Leverage & Time Savings…

"I’m very encouraged about the Program. It’s put us into a lot of departments and in front of a lot of individuals we haven’t had contact with and probably never would have. And at the end of the day, our Team hasn’t had to jump on airplanes at the risk of a meeting with an unqualified appointment."

- Vice President, Manufacturing Center of Expertise

Pre-Sales Critical Information...

"This was a solid lead. The initial appointment went well. GENERATE uncovered some key information in its screening process which I believe added to my credibility."

- Account Development Manager
Closing the Loop and Continuing the "Welcomed" Dialog...

"IBM recognized the unique nature of the CLIMB process in a number of areas including its method of closing the loop while continuing an ongoing and welcomed dialog with all prospects. The process also kept prospects in dialog with us until they were ready to purchase."

- Vice President Global Operations
They Do What They Say...

"When GENERATE first approached us with their Closed Loop Interactive Marketing to Business methodology, known as CLIMB®, we were a bit skeptical. They claimed that they could develop and update a database of franchise owners and their associated locations…

We can highly recommend GENERATE, they do what they say – and more!"

- Vice President Retail Solutions Division
Getting Beyond our Typical Buyer...

"GENERATE puts us in a position where we’re a trusted advisor. We’ve had calls where the client has asked our advice on technology and on how to do things. It’s spread the word of our technology through the user base rather than just with IT."

- Vice President, Supply Chain Marketing
Relationship Initiation and Delivery of Decision Makers and Opportunities...

"They actually delivered decision-makers from potential customers to IBM’s sales force by scheduling them into meetings with field sales representatives. This replaced the old-fashioned lead distribution tactic, which put the burden of contact initiation and management on the shoulders of the field sales force."

- Vice President Global Operations
On the Business Intelligence Value...

"GENERATE’s methodology certainly keeps our experts on their toes. All of the people they’ve put us in touch with are at the top of their field. Their ROD process is helping us maintain visibility on market direction for solutions and applications. The G2 we’re receiving gives us insight into the most current market priorities – we know the kind of issues companies are facing, what technology is or is not doing well in the market, what kind of initiatives are really driving the market today."

- Vice President, Supply Chain Marketing
Increasing Depth and Breath of Current Relationships...

"We challenged GENERATE to create a highly customized Relationship Development and Enhancement Program around their CLIMB® process. The Pre-Sales Program’s primary objective was to increase the depth, breadth and quality of our relationships with decision makers and influencers within the Cable’s Industry VoIP solution sector."

"They delivered on this challenge and more. They also provided additional benefits in the form of exceptional profiles of customer needs and preferences along with fresh and in-depth Business Intelligence. The GENERATE Program has resulted in significant gains in our sales productivity as well as our ability to better serve our customers."

- President, World-wide Sales
Creativity Professionalism and Training...

"Of course process alone can’t accomplish all of the somewhat subjective tasks required to execute proactive prospect development. Creativity, professionalism, and training were essential to gain the confidence and cooperation of the IBM sales team with the CLIMB process."

- Vice President Global Operations
Increasing Key Accounts Market Share...

"GENERATE kept the promises it made to MCI at the outset of the relationship. As the two companies continued the partnership, both benefited from a program that continues to get smarter and more efficient. This is one of the best ways for MCI Key Accounts to increase market share."

- Vice President, Global Accounts
On ROD vs. Other Approaches...

"GENERATE’s results are much better than the traditional Marketing techniques we’ve tried in the past – we’ve definitely been able to get to high level Decision Makers in new accounts and broaden the business contacts in existing accounts.

GENERATE’s customized ROD process enables them to "work prospects down the funnel" resulting in more qualified opportunities as a result of deeper relationships."

- Vice President, Center of Expertise

Market Penetration and Time Savings...

"In order to get this depth and breadth of market penetration, it would take about a year to recruit & train a team of Sales people to attempt to accomplish these results and they wouldn’t be armed with GENERATE’s precise Pre-Sales process and experience. We already know that their process really works."

- Vice President, Manufacturing Center of Expertise

Discovery and Development of the Best Prospect Pool...

"…their CLIMB® process would discover and develop the best prospect pool for our E-Business solutions."

- Sr. Vice President, Global Marketing

Prospect Follow Up and Tracking...

"Our field representatives are leaders in the industry, and this process allows them to focus on what they do best: propose and close new business and serve the range of our existing customers. With GENERATE providing the prospect follow up and tracking, we’re covering all the bases and closing the loop on the sales cycle.

We now have a much better understanding of who and where our prospects are, what it takes to attract them, and what our competition is up to. We’re also more informed about the challenges our broker network faces and how we can help."

- Chief Executive Officer

Reduced Sales Cycle & Ramp Time...

"By our estimate, GENERATE’s process is saving us weeks of the ramp time for a new Sales person. It also compresses that initial stage of the Sales cycle and it increases overall market coverage. Another tremendous benefit is that it actually turns out to be a "pull" conversation with the prospect – we’re speaking with people who actually want to talk to us – as opposed to a "push" call. So I’m real pleased with the results."

- Vice President, Center of Expertise

The ROD Process is a Better Targeted Approach to Get Qualified Buyers

"I was pleased with the results from GENERATE’s Relationship Opportunity Development process. I think this is a much better targeted approach to get to qualified buyers – it develops awareness and builds relationships and it reduces the time from that first discussion to the order. I see this as truly a silver bullet for us."

- Chief Marketing Officer

Business Intelligence Value of the ROD™ Process...

"Subsequent to GENERATE’s initial engagement with IBM, other members of the global and domestic management team engaged GENERATE’s founder and current CEO, Ron Mickwee to consult, analyze, and recommend solutions for IBM’s internal direct marketing efforts."

- Vice President Global Operations

One of The Best Calls I’ve Had - "Just a Great Call"...

"This was one of the best calls I’ve had since joining the company. You guys really had the prospect queued up perfect. I’ve been trying to get in there for the last four months with no luck – and you guys cracked the door open. He was more than eager to talk with us and it was just a great call.

I really appreciate all the hard work that’s being put in to this Program, fruits are starting to show!"

- Director of Business Development

Thank You...

"Thank you for the opportunity. This is excellent news!"

- Solution Sales Specialist

It Was a Really Good Call…
“It was a good call. They’re looking to build out a solution. We talked about doing a Proof of Concept – the prospect said “That would be great.” It was a really good call and a good size company and hopefully we can make some progress there.” – Director, Center of Expertise
They Schedule and Often Reschedule Meetings Around Prospect Priorities…
“Our partnership with GENERATE provides a systematic pre-sales process which initiates, maintains and qualifies prospect relationships, but they don’t stop there; they schedule and often reschedule meetings around each prospect’s priority agenda. On the marketing side, GENERATE provides detailed statistics on both market and prospect characteristics, challenges, initiatives and demographics. At least equally important, both current and prospective customers are provided opt-in, proactive, information rich relationships. These relationships enhance account penetration and new business acquisition efforts by elevating both our message delivery targets and the status of our sales team. The marketing benefits include not only the profile and demographic information but a dynamically updated database which yields higher direct marketing productivity.” – Director, Americas Marketing 
Their “pull vs. push” process keeps all potential prospects in the program
The GENERATE team spent time to thoroughly understand our value proposition to customize and deploy their ROD process around our specific objectives. We were very pleased with both the Business Intelligence (BI) they continuously gathered and the relationships they developed with both high level decision makers and other buying influencers. The best part of their methodology is the prospects are invited to self-select if they want to learn more about our business. This “pull” vs. “push” methodology is designed help to form a relationship with the prospect with the outcome of GENERATE scheduling meetings with those who meet our specific qualification criteria. Their “pull vs. push” process keeps all potential prospects in the program continuing to provide fresh and important BI. – Global Accounts Sales Operations Director